Day in the Life of a Professional AVO Driver

Interested in becoming one of our professional drivers? The following is an overview of the what you can expect.

Supplemental Income. This may be the perfect supplemental income source for you if you enjoy meeting and helping people while driving.

Flexibility. You have the freedom to accept or decline any trips offered to you. You select those trips which fit within your schedule. Typically you will know about your assignments days in advance, sometimes within the next 24 hours, and sometimes a few weeks from now. Some of our drivers have multiple trips per day and others may have one trip per week, or even less. Compensation is by job and is primarily based on the distance you travel and any time you may be required to wait for the patient while they are in their appointment.

Simplicity. You will be able to perform nearly all of your work through our very easy to use smartphone app. You’ll see the specifics of the trip along with the amount you’ll be paid before accepting any trip. After the trip you’ll select the outcome of the trip which is all you need to do to get paid. Although our clients typically pay us in about 60 days, we pay you every two weeks for all trips performed.

Helping People. Most of your passengers will be Injured Workers. You will be helping them get well sooner by getting them to and from their medical appointments. It’s a great way to earn some extra income by helping people get well sooner!

If a “Day in the Life of an AVO Professional Driver” sounds good to you, click the button below to get started. We will require information about you and your vehicle but we have made it very easy to collect the information right here on the app. Once we have reviewed your application in full, including the uploaded documents, and you meet our criteria, we will contact you to get you on the road helping injured workers get well sooner!